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To cultivate systematic professional theory of environmental design, solid professional design foundation, strong artistic quality and design level, comprehensive design coordination ability, creatively solve the problems between human and space environment from the perspective of Humanities and art; have a strong sense of responsibility, scientific rational spirit, excellent artistic quality; at the same time, have the ability of self-development, independent entrepreneurship, and High level compound talents who can adapt to the social needs and promote the development of the industry.


Core Courses: Environmental design theory 1, Ergonomics, Project design 1, Project design 2, Project design 3, Concept of space, Project design 2, Project design 3, Lighting design, Materials and practices.

Career: Graduates can be engaged in design research and development, management, teaching and research in the fields of interior design, exhibition design, landscape design, display design, lighting design, etc., and become the backbone of relevant posts and excellent planners and decision makers of major topics five years later.