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Profile of Folk Art Museum

The Museum of art and design, Beijing University of technology, is located in the Institute of art and design with an exhibition area of more than 500 square meters. More than 1000 pieces of folk art museum display, is selected from a college for many years to collect, collection of more than ten thousand pieces of domestic regional folk art works, including classical architectural decoration, residential doors and windows, wood furniture, appliances; folk, ethnic costumes, decorative embroidery, embroidered cap, embroidered, embroidered pillow; folk art, folk sculpture, pendant; mud facial make-up; folk, folk paper-cut folk New Year paintings; ceramic pottery, folk toys etc..
Of any nation or elite culture of classical culture and art, is its profound art based on the original. The lively and brilliant native art, which is directly originated from the folk, is the foundation of all fine arts and has the characteristics of maternal and root. Chinese kinds of traditional folk art, there are multitude, is an important part of Chinese cultural heritage, embodies the strong national spirit, national character, national ideal; rich national wisdom, national emotion, national psychology, is the precious treasures of art. The contents and patterns of many folk art retain the traces of primitive art, and retain the imprint of primitive totem worship, which directly inherited the skills of primitive creation of Chinese ancestors. The colorful folk art with the Chinese nation development, not only closely connected with the life and growth in nature, folk festival culture, and with its extensive themes, exaggerated shapes, brilliant colors show Chinese, diligent and intelligent people love life, honest character. It is the artless workers, exhibit outstanding wisdom and talent to create design and manufacture in the conception of folk art in. They are slack during festivals or occasion, materials with clay, paper pulp, linen, bamboo as raw material, with unrestrained imagination, with dexterous hands to create humorous and vigorous, colorful and simple style, and expressed hope, year after year, children and grandchildren, produce good harvests and full life ideal of u.s..  The native people loved folk art itself has a strong vitality, for thousands of years, with its simple and strong aesthetic effects on people's material life and spiritual life, with its rich content for people to morality, history, customs, health education, cultural knowledge. Therefore, various Chinese folk art is an important source for us to learn and draw lessons from art creation and modern design.
"Folk Art Museum" to reflect the introduction and promotion of folk art in the Chinese culture, to create and develop an understanding, learn from the traditional folk art of Chinese culture; absorbing nutrition; draw design elements of folk art and rich language; design thinking learning. At the same time, here is also a love of Chinese culture to carry out traditional education base.
Welcome the people from all walks of life to
Open hours: open semester (campus teaching priority, due to space constraints, group visits, teaching, painting, please make an appointment)
Daily exhibition time: Tuesday to Thursday 12:30-13:30.
Address: Beijing University of Technology College of art and design
Address: No. 100, Ping paradise, Beijing, Chaoyang District
Tel: 84638510  84633331-126
Contact: Wang Wentao