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Objective: The major is committed to cultivatingstudents to master systematicpaintingtheoriesand basic professional skills,and pay attention to the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese excellent culture, so thattheyhave a solidfoundationin painting, basicartistic theoretical literacy andabilities ofartistic creation practice, art teachingandresearch.Withthe strong practical ability, high comprehensive qualities andinnovative spirit, they are good at communication. Students’ ability to combine theoriesand creative practiceis stressed in the cultivation.


Core Courses: History of ChineseArt,History of WesternArt,ModelingBasics,ColorSubject,TraditionalInkPainting,Three-DimensionalModeling,SpringSketching,AutumnSketching,Art Investigation, curriculargroups related to oilpaintingandChinese painting,GraduationInspection,GraduationCreation.

Career: Graduate Students canengage in the creation, research, management inunits and departmentsof art creation, art management, art education and publishing.