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Having diversified knowledge structures which are made up of solid knowledge of scientific culture and artistic theory and solid sculpture modeling skills.

Having a comprehensive compound ability to independently engage in sculpture art creation, teaching and research.

Having a strong comprehensive quality of being competent for different jobs and having multi-dimensional innovation ability.


Core courses: History of ChineseArt,History of WesternArt,Three-DimensionalModeling, Sculpture Modeling Practice1,Sculpture Modeling Practice2,Sculpture Modeling Practice 3,Chinese Traditional Colour Sculpture1,Chinese Traditional Colour Sculpture2,Chinese Traditional Colour Sculpture 3, Artistic Expedition 2,Sculpture Art Creation1,Sculpture Art Creation2,Sculpture Art Creation3,Sculpture Art Creation4,ArtisticLandscape Creation1,ArtisticLandscape Creation2,ArtisticLandscape Creation3,ArtisticLandscape Creation4,Expedition on Graduation Creation,Graduation Creation.

Career: In the fields of artistic creation, art education, cultural and creative industries, film and television animation, artediting,artcuratorial exhibition, cultural and art management and press and publications, the students can quickly adapt to their posts after short-term vocational induction training. Their competitive advantages lie in their comprehensive ability to use knowledge, high aesthetic ability and more skilled professional skills.