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Objective:The major is committed to cultivatingcreative advertisingtalentsofhighqualitywiththeinternational vision and national spirit, comprehensive artistic and humanistic qualities, active creative thinking and innovativeconsciousness, strong creative performance and planimplementation. They areapplication-oriented andcompetentinall-media marketing communicationwithclear planning and strong management ability. The major focus on cultivating students' abilityofprofessional operation and social adaptabilitybysetting1236credithours of practical coursescovering professional course training, recognitionofadvertising company,edge researchofadvertising and business training..


Core Courses: Introduction to Communication, Introduction to Advertising, Advertising Planning, Film and Television Advertisement Creation, Advertisement Copywriting, Marketing Research, Marketing, Basics of Visual Communication Design, Consumer Psychology, Advertising Media Research, Advertising Creativity, Advertising Law and Media Ethics, Research on and Practice of Cultural and Creative Industries, Innovative Practice, Chinese and Foreign Advertising History, International Advertising, Advertising Culture Theme, Integrated Marketing and Communication.

Career: Graduate Students can engage in practical work like management, planning, creativity, design in advertising and business management, and related teaching and research.