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(1)Decoration Design Orientation

Objective: The Orientation is committed to cultivatingprofessional talents of high quality with good artistic literacy, solid humanistic and professional foundation, systematical theories, methods and technologies of arts and crafts.They can think independently and communicate well, strongly adaptable and bold to make innovations. The major focus on fostering students’ ability to combine practice and theories of traditional handicrafts.


Core Courses: Traditional Craft Techniques, Modern Craft Techniques, Design on Daily Necessities of Crafts, Craft Furnishings Design, Craft Gift Design,Craft and Art Creation, Composite Materials and Craft Design.

Career: Graduate students can work in the industries of culture, art, tourism, architectural decoration and engage in artistic creation, the development, design and production of daily handicrafts and decorative furnishings, touring products, gifts and souvenirs, and in protection and management of intangible cultural heritages, replicationand restoration of cultural relics replicationand restoration.

(2) Orientation for Jewelry and Metal Design

Objective: The Orientation is committed to cultivating professional talents able to think and design independently and proficient in a variety of crafts in metal and jewelry.


Core courses: Metal Materials and Crafts, Craft Gift Design, Metal Furnishings Design, Gem Mounting Design, Jewelry Design, Comprehensive Craft Design, Software Application Design.

Career: Graduates canengage indesign or management in the related fields of enterprises and institutions in advertising, jewelry marketing and interior furniture design and companies in jewelry, metal decoration arts, decoration design, gift design.