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1. Product Design (Bachelor of Arts Degree)


This major trains high-quality design talents with social responsibility and international vision, basic knowledge and professional design skills of product design, innovative spirit, practical ability and teamwork ability, and coordinated development of "knowledge, ability and quality", who can engage in the development, research, education and management of industrial product design and related service mode design, interactive design and display design in enterprises and institutions, professional design institutions and scientific research units.

Students trained in product design are expected to transform from an applied industrial designer to a design talent with comprehensive capabilities five years after graduation. In the initial stage, they will focus on the cultivation of design capabilities in modeling, craftsmanship, structure, etc., and cooperate with the team to complete the phased tasks in the project; Then gradually develop into a senior design talent who can independently undertake design projects; with the increase of practical experience, finally gradually obtain the expertise of product planning and product design strategy in industrial design projects. Ultimately, students mature into a relatively mature comprehensive industrial design talent five years after graduation.

Core Courses:

Material technology, Model technology, Product design procedure and method, Ergonomics,Interactive design, Design topic 1, Design topic 2, Design topic 3, Design topic 4, Design topic 5.


Graduate student can engage in work of Industrial design companies, information, intelligence, electronics and other high-tech enterprises, home appliances, toys, cultural innovation, furniture and household products, automobile design and manufacturing, exhibition and display, commercial exhibition and display, architecture and interior decoration, accessory design and other enterprises and institutions are engaged in business planning, system design, product research and development design, furniture design, display design and other related work.

2.Industrial Design(Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering)

Objective:Industrial design, a systemic discipline of design that integrates science, technology, art, society, and economy, has comprehensive knowledge structure and attributes of both natural science and social science. The major aims at cultivating student’s capacity of creative thinking and practical ability of design, studying the design of products, systems, services, and experiences based on the essential needs of human beings, and mastering the relationships of products between human, machine and environment under the condition of industrialized and information production. Also, it helps the students to realize a value of design and creation conforming to the value of social progress by designing engineering technology, fosters their adaptability and teamwork spirit, enables them to achieve an all-round development of their own knowledge, ability, wisdom and quality, making the students comprehensive, innovative and applied talents with creative potential, who will play a role in social causes and human progress.


Introduction to Industrial Design, Fundamentals of Engineering Graphics and Auto CAD, C Language, Fundamentals of CAID, Fundamentals of CMF Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Ergonomics, Product Design Process and Method, Human- Computer Interaction, Innovative Product Design, Principles of Sustainable Design, Smart Product Design (interdisciplinary subject), Wearable Design, Design of Interactive Public Facilities, Design of Products and Service Systems, Design for Social Innovation, Design Philosophy, User Experience Design, Interdisciplinary Integration Design etc.

Career:Industrial product innovation in enterprises and public institutions at home and abroad; product strategy and interaction design, service design, user research, user experience, visual communication design, public facilities and exhibition design, and transportation design related to industrial product design.