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A brief introduction to the Folk Art Museum

The Visual Arts Museum of Beijing University of Technology College of art and design, is located in Beijing City, Chaoyang District Ping's teaching building No. 100 Beijing University of Technology College of art and design, exhibition site area of 2000 square meters into the ground floor exhibition hall and the basement hall two exhibition area, put into use in May 2016.
Is now open to the use of the visual art museum is a museum of art and design, Beijing University of Technology moved to the campus is an important part of the unique characteristics of modern art in the teaching building of the pattern, more modern, and equipped with modern lighting equipment, provide the conditions for adapting more diverse traditional forms the art exhibition and modern art and design exhibition.
Museum hosted the Beijing University of Technology major exhibitions, College of foreign cooperative teaching exhibition, exhibition project. The Visual Arts Museum has created a unique realm for the education, teaching, teaching and research and foreign academic exchanges of schools and art and design colleges.