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The major is committed to cultivating professional talents of high quality with good artistic literacy, creative and practical skills foundation, systematical theories and technologies prepare for a career as a fashion designer. The students can think independently and communicate well, strongly adaptable and bold to make innovations. The major focuses on cultivating such talents adaptableto the diversified development of the modern fashion industry. With strong innovative and practical capabilities, graduate students committed to both design and technology for Fashion design.


Core Courses: Chinese and Foreign Costume History, Fashion Design Basics, Clothing Versions and Crafts, Three-dimensional Trimming, Clothing Materials, Fashion Sketch, Clothing Colors and Patterns,Curricular groups related to Traditional handicrafts, Fashion product design, Accessories design, Haute couture.

Career:Graduate students can work on fashion product design and development, technological development of fashion product versions, fashion brand marketing, fashion display design,fashion styling and make up design, independent Fashion designer brands.